LAVA is a Sutainable Business Association of Lithuania, which brings together companies and organisations committed to implement and follow responsible and sustainable business practices.

It is a place for sharing good practices in responsible business, encouraging learning, growth and sustainable development in Lithuania through cooperation and value creation for organisations, society and country.

LAVA members commit to act in accordance with the principles of integrity, transparency, fairness and environmental responsibility, uphold and promote the principles of the ”United Nations Global Compact” in their business environment and to publicly report about their responsible business.

The Association aims not only to spread the idea and show the examples of sustainable business in Lithuanian, but also to form criteria for responsible business. To consult and share experience among members, to organise seminars, conferences, trainings and other events open to the public, and to cooperate with organisations (including international) working towards sustainable development goals.

LAVA makes proposals to public authorities for responsible business criteria, assessments, strategies, programmes, laws and strengthens public perception of the value of responsible business.


The Association was formed out of the ”National Network of Responsible Business Enterprises” (NNRBE), which had been active in Lithuania since 2005. From 30 August 2013 LAVA continues the work of NNRBE.
Since 2005 NNRBE brought together Lithuanian responsible business companies and organisations, mainly members of the ”United Nations Global Compact”.

“United Nations Global Compact” was introduced in Lithuania in 2005 by the ”United Nations Development Programme” (UNDP), which has been mentoring social responsibility activities in Lithuania and has been the patron of the NNRBE. On July 1, 2013, UNDP closed its activities in Lithuania and NNRBE decided to formalise and expand its work by becoming the association LAVA.

LAVA represents Lithuania in the “United Nations Global Compact” and is a member of “CSR Europe”, a European association of responsible business with around 10 000 members in Europe.

LAVA offers the opportunity to learn best practices from responsible business organisations and international associations, to share experiences, cooperate and learn how to act responsibly.