DOJUS agro

DOJUS agro is a privately owned Lithuanian company, a professional and reliable partner offering innovative, sustainable and efficient solutions for the agricultural, forestry and municipal sectors. With decades of experience, the company continues to strive to be a regional leader, creating the highest added value for its customers. The main activities are the sale and technical service of agricultural, forestry and municipal machinery, spare parts. Strong areas of development are used machinery sales, machinery rental and soil testing services. Particular emphasis is placed on precision agriculture, which is constantly introducing the latest technologies and providing innovative solutions for customers to work more efficiently and sustainably, not only saving costs but also contributing to the environment.

Kvapų namai

Kvapų namai - Lithuanian manufacturer since 2007, the largest specialised laboratory of aromatherapy products and natural cosmetics in Lithuania. Cosmetics are free of preservatives, palm oil and its derivatives, synthetic and animal substances, except beeswax. The quality of essential oils and other extracts is checked by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS system). The quality and efficacy of the products are guaranteed by long-qualified specialists in aromatherapy, pharmacy, chemistry, cosmetology and perfumery. The cosmetics are manufactured using Lithuanian medicinal plants, with a preference for raw materials from wild, organically and sustainably grown plants. Most of the essential oils used come from small farms and cooperatives whose owners are true masters of their craft.

Kietaviškių gausa

Kietaviškių Gausa is the largest greenhouse complex in the Baltic States growing Lithuanian cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce in pots. After modernisation of the greenhouses in 2017 and introducing light culture, they grow cucumbers and lettuce all year round, regardless of the season. Lithuanian citizens can enjoy fresh and nutritious produce at all times, as the path from the greenhouse to the consumer's table is very short. Core values: positivity, rationality, patriotism, innovation and respect for people and nature.


IDAVANG is a leading pig breeder in North Eastern Europe. Since its foundation in 1999, the company has been committed to the principle that success can only be achieved through socially responsible business practices. Therefore, the company's activities are based on respect, trust, transparency, care for the environment and for its employees, whom it sees as the key to its success. IDAVANG pays great attention to environmental protection and continuously introduces additional innovative measures to meet the highest environmental standards.

Green Genius

Green Genius is a renewable energy company developing solar, biogas, wind and hydrogen power projects. The company is currently developing projects in 8 European countries. Green Genius' renewable energy projects are expected to reach a total capacity of 1.5 GW by 2025. The company has more than 10 years of experience in the renewable energy market. Each year, Green Genius projects produce approximately 399 GWh of green energy, avoiding more than 335,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This amount of CO2 would be absorbed by over 16 million plants per year. Trees. Green Genius is part of the Modus Group, an international group of companies operating in 12 European countries.

Litmus LT

Litmus LT - cleaning, hygiene and food safety technologies. We are creating the next generation of hygiene. Litmus LT can offer you the latest technologies and products to help you efficiently solve a wide range of cleaning and hygiene problems in the food industry, in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, offices or other large buildings. We are focused on sustainable solutions for today and tomorrow that respect the environment. Innovation and advanced technologies are a key focus, and environmental friendliness is a top priority.