LAVA is an open organisation that invites companies and organisations working in various business fields and striving for sustainability who want to build a tradition of responsible activities and contribute to a better quality of life in Lithuania.

LAVA is a platform for sharing best practices in responsible business, encouraging learning, growth and sustainable development in Lithuania, and creating value for organisations, society and the country. You can gain knowledge and practical experience from responsible business organisations and international associations, share your own experience and cooperate.

Membership of LAVA is open to any legal entity: a company, institution or organisation committed to the principles of sustainable business (as set out in LAVA’s statutes), sees the value in sharing this experience and working together to shape and strengthen the environment for sustainable business.

Membership requirements:

  • Excellent reputation of both a company or organisation and its general manager;
  • Company or organisation should be at least 2 years in business;
  • Company or organisation should have at least 3 employees.

How to become a LAVA member:

  • To become a member of LAVA, a company or organisation should send an application for membership to and receive a declaration form by email, which commit to the principles of sustainable business;
  • The LAVA board will evaluate the declaration and make a decision on membership within 30 days;
  • A legal entity shall be considered to have become a member of LAVA from the date of payment of the first membership fee.

Registration form:

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