JURGITA JUDICKIENĖ, Chairman of the Board (”TRINITI JUREX”, professional partnership of lawyers)

I believe that only a socially responsible business will be able to survive in a competitive marketplace, win customer loyalty and attract talented employees. Awareness of what socially responsible activities are and the benefits they can bring needs to grow in our country’s businesses, institutions and society. I will strive to ensure that LAVA members have the opportunity to gain experience, learn from the practices of Lithuania and other countries, and actively share them. As the Chairman of the LAVA Board, I will contribute to the growth and development of social responsibility in the country, and to the introduction of responsible and ethical principles in business.


I believe that the sustainable business model is the most promising. Here, corporate value is not limited to economic performance, but is created through ecological and social perspectives. Those who do not value these three components will find it increasingly difficult to see the long-term prospects of companies. After all, the benefits of sustainable companies are not only felt by the company’s employees, but also by the community. As a member of the LAVA Board, I am pleased to be part of a community that not only helps existing organisations to develop sustainably, but also encourages others to choose the path of sustainability. Through my work on the Board, I aim to contribute to the promotion and development of sustainable business in Lithuania.

VALENTAS NEVIERA (”Ignitis group”)

The main responsibility of my management team is the development, implementation and communication of a responsible business strategy for all group companies, including LAVA member ”Ignitis Group”. I see this as a broad area of alignment between the interests of various stakeholders. In order to ensure the needs of all sides, it is important to take into account how today’s decisions will affect the future of the whole Earth. I believe that this is increasingly on the minds of all LAVA members, present and future. Through my work on the Board, I hope to contribute to the strengthening of LAVA and the spread of sustainability in Lithuania.

IEVA ČEPONONĖ (Independent Member, Marketing Expert)

Ethical marketing decisions have often led to the question – why am I cutting the branch I am sitting on? After all, people are willing to buy inflated product packaging and standards of good living imposed by someone else. I am glad that those days are passing and that people are increasingly appreciating sustainable, moderate consumption or healthy living solutions. Transparency, openness and environmentally friendly steps are increasingly paying off. I firmly believe that business, as the main driver of consumption, has a responsibility towards society and the environment. By joining the LAVA Association, I aim to actualize sustainability in corporate strategies, share best practices and build a growing LAVA community.

IEVA PUNYTĖ (”Modus Group”)

For many businesses, sustainability is still just a budget line. But this is temporary. Companies that do not already take the time to find solutions to reduce their environmental impact will soon be out of the picture for investors, customers and employees alike. In the long term, the processes that are routine for such businesses will become more costly and the risks will only increase. My goal is to make even moderate progress in environmental, social and governance areas the business-as-usual of every company operating in Lithuania. I hope that my experience in implementing sustainable solutions in urban systems and planning, in the commercial sector, and now in the organic waste sector will help different companies to find sustainable solutions in their own unique context.


In recent years, sustainability and sustainable development have become a hot topic not only worldwide, but also in Lithuania. I see sustainability as ensuring that a company does more for its employees, society and the environment than is required by law or normal business practices. Also, although sustainability is one of the main challenges of today, I believe that initiatives stemming from social and economic responsibility are also very important and add value to business and society. LAVA’s mission and activities are very important and necessary in Lithuania, where most companies are still taking the first steps towards sustainable development. I am delighted to have joined the LAVA Board and I hope that the experience I am gaining every day at the ”Lietuvos paštas” will be useful to other companies.


Sustainability is not just about positioning one’s own interests, but rather about working in harmony and sharing for the common good of the future. Whether it is responsible personal consumption, business development or protecting the planet, it is important to have the right sustainable and holistic approach. I have been inspired of sustainability by teaching students about sustainable business. And especially as a regular consumer living and working as a manager in Scandinavian markets for several years, where high sustainability standards are an inherent business necessity: continuously integrating sustainability practices into competitive advantage and raising high standards of cooperation with partners. Sustainability trends in both household and business have developed naturally there over a long period of time, and do not require major fundamental challenges to integrate today. In Lithuania, we are still at the beginning of the sustainability journey and it is a great honour to contribute to its development and consolidation. LAVA is a growing organisation with a noble mission to help transform business into sustainable business. By joining the LAVA Board, I want to raise the profile of the association and to establish the vision of sustainability as a necessary business practice for the future, while strengthening the awareness of our community.