Vilniaus vandenys

Vilniaus vandenys is the largest water management company in Lithuania, supplying drinking water and treating wastewater to 267,000 customers. The company operates in the municipalities of Vilnius City and Vilnius, Švenčionys and Šalčininkai districts. When supplying water or treating wastewater, we aim to work in harmony with the environment around us, so we implement technologies that reduce pollution and conserve natural resources, we consistently increase the use of renewable resources in our operations, we take care of our customers - we strive to provide them with quality services, to react promptly to comments and expectations, we build a values-based organisation, and we support initiatives for a transparent, ethical and responsible business.

Vesta consulting

VESTA is the leading sustainability consultancy and certification company in the Baltic countries. We believe that sustainability is a values-based approach to business development that creates long-term success, asset value and return on investment. Our core competencies include real estate certification and consulting in accordance with international sustainability standards (BREEAM, LEED, WEEL, FITWEL, EDGE), energy solutions and analyses, preparation of EPD declarations for products, sustainability reporting (GRI) and strategic solutions for corporate governance. Our activities are based on sustainability development, transparent procedures and communication, and a responsible attitude towards employees, customers and the environment.


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DERMOFAKTORIUS is a manufacturer and seller of innovative, natural Lithuanian cosmetics, organising its activities on the basis of sustainable business principles. The company is based on MANILLA cosmetics, formulated from the most innovative natural plant components and produced on the basis of biotechnology. The company owns the brands MANILLA, MANILLA PROFESSIONAL (cosmetics for professional use) and MANILLA SPA. The company is the official representative of WELL AWARE food supplements produced in Sweden in the Baltic States and the official representative of JOLIE360 skin care system developed by the Israeli engineers in Lithuania.


2021 Sustainability report


COSMOWAY is an advanced cosmetics manufacturer, developing and managing its own brand GREEN FEEL'S and providing cosmetic development and manufacturing services to countries around the world. The company takes responsible steps to contribute to the preservation of natural beauty. All cosmetic products are produced using only Green Lithuanian Energy, which is produced from renewable energy sources such as wind, sun and water. In order to reduce the use of plastic, the company has chosen to use Greenleaf toothpaste tubes, which are thinner and more flexible than conventional toothpaste tubes, using much less plastic.


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BIOK LAB is the largest Lithuanian cosmetics manufacturing company, managing the brands MARGARITA, ECODENTA and KILIG. Naturality and innovation are the fundamental basis of our activities, combining the expertise of professionals in biology, chemistry, dentistry, dermatology and cosmetics. Healthy, natural and effective skin, hair and dental care for the body is our fundamental commitment to people. We always set high standards for environmental and natural friendliness in our activities, by strictly sorting all waste, choosing reliable, socially responsible suppliers of raw materials, and prioritising recyclable packaging materials. A responsible approach to the use of natural resources and to our relationship with the environment, consumers and employees are among our company's key objectives and commitments.


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Rimi Lietuva

Rimi Lietuva is a retail chain, part of Rimi Baltic and a wholly owned subsidiary of Swedish retailer ICA Gruppen. There are 60 Rimi supermarkets in Lithuania and the team currently consists of about 3,300 employees. We are not just a corporation, we are part of society. We feel responsible for the future of our society, our families and all people. Our range will always include healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly choices. Through our communication, social projects and other initiatives, we will actively encourage and motivate everyone to make better choices that create a better future. Rimi's mission - Tomorrow's shopping experience today. We encourage you to make healthier choices and think more sustainably for a better life every day.


2021 Sustainability report


SEB is the leading Nordic financial services group. We believe that entrepreneurial people and innovative companies are key to building a better world. We are here to help them achieve their ambitions and contribute to their success in good times and bad. Banks play an important role in society. SEB Group aims to play an active role in promoting sustainable activities and thereby creating value for customers, employees and society as a whole. We strive to make sustainability an integral part of our business and to ensure that sustainability is inherent in every activity we undertake. We operate with strong ethical and performance management principles, value long-term relationships, and our dedicated employees who implement our corporate strategy and on whom we depend for our impact on society and the environment.


2021 Sustainability report

Orkla Care

Orkla Care is a representative of Orkla Care, a division of Orkla ASA, one of the largest Norwegian business concerns, in Lithuania. Our product portfolio includes some of the oldest brands on the market and trusted by Lithuanian consumers, such as Möller's fish oil, Livol vitamins for the whole family, and Klar home and body care products that meet the highest environmental standards. We see responsible business as caring for the well-being of society by providing high-quality, innovative, consumer-friendly and environmentally friendly products. Sustainable growth is the standard for all Orkla ASA Group business. The company has strict ethical, environmental and transparency requirements for the entire production and supply chain, and the Group's portfolio includes over 5,000 products with various environmental and responsible business certifications. Orkla ASA has put the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on its agenda - as one of the largest companies in Scandinavia, Orkla ASA is also one of the three leading companies in Norway in terms of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.


2021 Sustainability report 

Telia Lietuva

As of 1 February 2017, Telia Lietuva will continue the operations of the telecommunications and IT services company TEO LT and its associated mobile operator Omnitel, as well as the leading data centre business Baltic Data Center. The majority of Telia Lietuva's customers are Lithuanian residents and businesses. The company also provides services to domestic and international telecommunications operators.


2020 Sustainability report

Interlux Group

Iterlux Group is an international company that has been providing innovative technologies and solutions for the medical, scientific and biotechnology industries for 25 years, together with its subsidiaries in the Baltic States. The main segments of Interlux Group's solutions are conservative medicine, surgery and laboratory diagnostics. We ensure not only the smooth implementation of innovative products of the highest quality, certified, environmentally safe, user training, but also professional 24/7 technical maintenance and service.


2020 Sustainability report

Triniti Jurex

TRINITI JUREX is one of the largest business law firms in Lithuania, a member of the TRINITI group of law firms in the Baltic States. The group brings together more than 70 attorneys and lawyers in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, including 40 professionals in the Vilnius office. The Firm's experience and achievements are recognised and appreciated by such authoritative international legal directories and publications as Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500, InterContinental Finance, World Lawyers, Corporate INTL Magazine, DealMakers and others.


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EKT are specialists in management consulting and training, creating value for their clients through strategy-driven, high-performing solutions. For more than 20 years, we have been a trusted partner in the fields of strategic management, process efficiency, management, sales, marketing and more. Today, we also help our clients to embrace the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation, cyber security, e-commerce and more.


2021 Sustainability report

Kauno energija

Kauno energija produces, supplies and distributes heat to consumers in the cities of Kaunas and Jurbarkas, as well as in Kaunas district. Since 1 May 2010, the company has been supplying hot water to a part of multi-apartment residential buildings in Kaunas and Jurbarkas and Kaunas district to those consumers who have chosen the company as a hot water supplier in accordance with the procedure established by legislation. The company also maintains engineering structures (collectors - tunnels) and operates heat and power generation facilities. As at 31 December 2018, the company supplied its own produced and purchased heat to 3 500 companies and organisations and 115 990 household consumers through integrated and local heat supply networks, for a total of 119 490 consumers (objects by address).


2020 Sustainability report

Baltic Agro Machinery

Baltic Agro Machinery is a partner for sales and service of machinery. The company sells agricultural machinery and implements, construction, municipal, road, construction, forestry machinery and equipment, spare parts for all machinery, and provides machinery maintenance and repair services. As a subsidiary of an international and long-established business group, Baltic Agro Machinery represents reliable machinery manufacturers and partners, has a large pool of experience and knowledge, and is distinguished by the attention and solutions it offers to its customers.


2021 Sustainability report

Ignitis group

Ignitis group is an international energy company and one of the largest energy groups in the Baltic States. It is responsible for the transparent management and coordination of the group's activities, for efficiency in delivering competitive services to customers, and for the socially responsible creation of long-term shareholder value.


2021 Sustainability report


PakMarkas is one of the leaders in product labelling and engineering packaging and production automation solutions in the Baltic States. The company's main activities include: printing of adhesive labels and packaging; engineering packaging solutions; sales of actuators and automation elements. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRC and FSC standard, DPG certificate, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and LEAN management principles.


2021 Sustainability report

LTD group

LTD group - official distributor of EQUA, EQUACARE brands in Lithuania. Main activity - wholesale and retail trade, business gifts. The company focuses on sustainable, environmentally friendly products, and pays great attention to innovation and environmental preservation. The main products are EQUA water bottles, which encourage the public to give up disposable water bottles, and EQUACARE, a natural home and body care line, which encourages the public to give up the use of excess plastic packaging. In addition to selling environmentally friendly products, the company also applies sustainability principles in its packaging and logistics processes, and invests in social and cultural ideas related to sustainability: "Fill up your watering can", "For a clean Lithuania!"


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Rimgauda is a leader in engineering infrastructure construction, implementing significant gas, water supply and wastewater, heating system projects in the public and business sectors, as well as installing home engineering systems for private clients. The company offers a full range of services from design and installation to maintenance of the system. The use of technological innovation, many years of experience, and a responsible attitude towards customers, partners, employees and the environment earn the company trust and recognition.


The Sustainability report is being prepared is always your bank. In January 2019, we became the first specialised bank in the European Union, and the first business loan-focused bank in Lithuania. We are young and growing, so we understand the needs of growing businesses. Easily accessible funding, unlimited and free SEPA transfers, and as little "paperwork" as possible - these are just a few examples of how we understand modern banking. We boldly combine digital technology and a modern approach to business and customer needs to save you time and effort. We're creating a different kind of banking - one that's more efficient, simpler and focused on your personal needs. has a sustainable business model. We have a proven environmental strategy. As of July 2021, became the first CO2-neutral bank in Northern Europe. This is confirmed by a certificate issued by CO2logic.


2021 Sustainability report

Kaunas University of Applied Sciences

Kaunas University of Applied Sciences is a multi-profile state higher education institution that trains specialists in technology, informatics, engineering, health, humanities, social sciences, art, education, business and public management, law, and agriculture. More than 6500 students from Lithuania and abroad study here. The institution is guided by a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and graduates qualifications are marked by a professional bachelor's degree. The study programmes are designed to ensure that students acquire solid theoretical knowledge and maximise their practical skills during their studies. Practical training accounts for at least one third of the study programme. In addition to studies, Kaunas College of Applied Science and Arts develops scientific and artistic activities, the results of which contribute to the solution of problems of regional and national importance.


2020 Sustainability report


"Antalis" is an international company with a clear business vision, global group experience and a responsible approach to the customer, which has helped it become the leading paper, packaging and visual promotional materials trading company in Europe. In 2020 "Antalis" became part of the Japan-based "Kokusai Pulp & Paper Group", the world's leading wholesale group of paper, board, visual promotional and packaging materials companies. We are socially responsible and open in expanding our business portfolio, accelerating the digital transformation of our business, and developing teamwork. "Antalis" has an ambitious socially responsible action plan. It is based on 4 guiding principles in the areas of human rights, working relations, environment and anti-corruption, which will guide our corporate social responsibility activities. The company has adopted and been certified to FSC® and PEFC™ standards.


2019 Sustainability report


Vytautas Magnus University

Vytautas Magnus University is the most comprehensive higher education institution in Lithuania, ranking among the top 3% of universities in the world (QS World University Rankings). VMU has an extensive network of partnerships with around 400 research institutions from around the world. The University has international projects, student and staff exchanges, and is the leading university in the Baltic States in terms of internationalisation of its teaching staff. Research and experimental development (R&D) activities are carried out in cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign companies in the fields of biotechnology, agricultural technologies, digital technologies, engineering technologies, educational and social innovations, and others.


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Founded in 2002, "SDG" is a consulting and training market leader in Lithuania, renowned for its professionalism and socially responsible activities. "SDG" has offices in 12 Lithuanian cities. Over 50,000 companies and organisations rely on the company, which complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 450001 standards. Its 230 highly qualified specialists provide services in occupational health and safety, energy, fire and civil safety, environmental, management and legal matters.


2020 Sustainability report


Minordija UAB is a leading supplier of raw materials for confectionary and bakery in Lithuania. For a number of years Minordija has been known in the Lithuanian market as a reliable partner whose work is devoted to its clients – starting from the smallest cosy bakeries and finishing with the large confectionery companies. Minordija company is unique for its long experience and youthful energy as well as for its permanent strive for growth and improvement. Minordija UAB is operated by Orkla ASA – one of the largest Norwegian companies – and is part of its Orkla Food Ingredients group.


2021 Sustainability report


Lietuvos radijo ir televizijos centras (Telecentras) is a state-owned joint-stock company that provides radio and television programme transmission, TV report transmission, data transmission, data centres, infrastructure rental and other services. The company owns the Vilnius TV Tower, the tallest building in Lithuania. The quality of Telecentras services is ensured by competent specialists, state-of-the-art information transmission technologies and listening to customers needs.


2021 Sustainability report

Currently suspended membership

"Bonduelle Baltics" is currently suspended from membership of LAVA for an unlimited period of time.


Swedbank is one of the leading banks in the Nordic and Baltic countries. In the region, we work with 7.3 million private and about 552,000 business customers. Almost half of them are located in the Baltic States. We help people with all their financial management needs, from the simplest to the most advanced. We communicate with our clients and provide our services in a simple, open and caring way. We understand that Swedbank is an important part of the local community. Therefore, our most important task is to help our customers, our shareholders and the Lithuanian society to achieve and maintain sustainable financial well-being.

2021 Sustainability report

AUGA group

AUGA group is Europe's largest vertically integrated organic food company. The group develops a sustainable agricultural model based on new technologies on organically certified land, including crop, livestock, poultry and mushroom farming. Using its own and outsourced production capacities, the company produces a wide range of organic products for end-users from its own raw materials and supplies raw products to the market. The group employs around 1 270 people. AUGA group shares are traded on the Nasdaq Vilnius and Warsaw stock exchanges. In 2020, the group's turnover was EUR 83 million.


2021 Sustainability report