The seminar will explore the concept of ESG and its core environmental, social, and governance elements. We will discuss how current and future European legislations are pushing for more integration of ESG elements in companies’ strategies and how companies can implement such practices.


Questions that will be answered:

  1. What is ESG?
  2. Why is ESG important?
  3. What does this mean for companies?


About speakers:

Lorena Sorrentino works as Manager of the Sustainable Markets and Finance Team at CSR Europe. Her job focuses on supporting businesses and organisations in managing sustainability in their business model and processes with the aim to increase the quality of non-financial reporting and contribute to moving to a ‘total transparency’ of the impact that companies have on society and environment in the dialogue with stakeholders, including investors, analysts and civil society. She is responsible for CSR Europe’s workstream on corporate tax transparency and responsibility and contributes to the dialogue with the European institutions on behalf of CSR Europe members.


Spyros Perikleous is part of the Sustainable Markets and Finance Team at CSR Europe. He has work experience in CSR and Sustainability consulting. At CSR Europe, he supports organisations in improving their sustainability reporting, sustainability performance, tax transparency, and long-term ESG strategies. He has completed a Master of Science in Global Business & Sustainability at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.


Maria Paulinich is part of the Sustainable Markets and Finance Team at CSR Europe. With a Masters’ degree in International Sustainability Management at ESCP Business School, Maria has gathered experience in sustainability consulting on a variety of topics. At CSR Europe, she is supporting organisations in their stakeholder engagement, sustainability performance, materiality assessment process, and ESG integration.



Seminar ticket price – 35 EUR

Seminar ticket price for LAVA members – 15 EUR


This seminar is a part of the seminar COURSE „SUSTAINABLE ORGANISATION“ organised by the Sustainable Business Association of Lithuania LAVA. Through market research and expert consultation, LAVA has put together a course of 14 seminars focusing on the most important issues for business organisations in terms of the first steps and beyond in implementing sustainability, setting sustainability strategic guidelines, assessing stakeholder impact, calculating environmental impact, CO2 footprint, using green innovation and engaging with employees, and capturing all of this and more in the organisation’s sustainability report.